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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Will we be the first to spot a server in worrying decline?

. . . . And this is also a test to see if my iPad can post to the blog (having trouble recently). My backup profession is enchanting - it has many similarities to inscription though has many more input raw materials. My other professions are tailoring, alchemy and jewelcrafting - though still doing the dailies for all the jewelcrafting. And of course herbalism. More recently I am starting to notice raw materials for enchanting being less readily available on the auction house - now perhaps because a new patch is coming or some other reason. But part of me suspects the population on my server is falling such that the odder types of raw materials are just not being found and put on the auction house anymore. Indeed, I would venture to suggest that the initial signs of a server that has a worrying decline in population would first be noticed by the auction house operators such as ourselves rather than by the general playing population. In my mind I am brewing some ideas on how to measure the trend in raw material availability - so watch this space.

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