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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

How I deal with a serious new entrant:

There comes a time when a new competitor comes on in force.  They have all the glyphs and they intend to stay.  This becomes apparent as they stay on to cancel and repost as you do.

At this point i have two choices – i can let them win this battle and allow my other competitors to come and compete against this new entrant.  Or i can fight back hard and mean to win.  There is no halfway house here.  Fighting back hard and losing will only give them confidence.

On the fighting back, it is not by posting cheaply, it is by cancelling and reposting until the other player gives up.

Hence, at this point the standard routine of cancelling undercut items, posting 2 and emptying the mail box is too slow.  We need faster action.

Hence, my routine here is:

1.       Cancel all glyphs on the AH and empty the mail box for all alts – so starting with no posted glyphs

2.       Set the number of glyphs to post to 1

3.       Post 1 of each glyph in my normal price range for all alts

4.       Assuming the competitor is posting just as fast as you then . . . . .

5.       . . . . go back to the first alt and cancel the undercut ones and repost again

6.       Don’t empty the mail box, stay in the AH – we are looking for speed of posting here

7.       Rotate through the alts again

8.       You can do this 8 times (assuming you stock at least 8 of each glyph)

9.       After the eighth posting, cancel the undercut ones and then empty out the mail box, and start again!

10.   Occasionally rotate the order you go through the alts to put the competitor out of step

Remember, you are fighting for the market you know – the new entrant only suspects the gold that can be made.  If you compete hard enough and the new entrant makes low gold (less than in other professions) they will soon give up.  The market will not get bigger with more competitors.

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