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Monday, 21 November 2011

A Guild Bank

. . . . . . . is what every crafter will need if they are to enter their crafting market in a serious fashion.

One of the critical resources when entering a market with the aim to make serious gold is storage space for the raw materials.  A typical stock pile will be at least two weeks of raw materials.  That will allow the crafter to meet spikes in demand or cover when the raw materials run low on the Auction House.  The normal bank storage will prove not to be enough.  Therefore, the crafter will need to own a guild with only themselves in it for the sole purpose of storing raw materials in the guild tabs.

Each tab has 98 item slots and tabs are purchased much like bag slots in Banks.  The first tab costs 100 gold, the next 250 gold, then 500 gold and so on.  To buy all 6 tabs you would spend 9350 gold.

Technically, you can get 8 guild tabs but your guild needs to reach at least level 5 and, lets face it, a guild of one person used for crafting is not going to advance.

Setting up a Guild Bank.

The good news is that setting up a guild bank is very easy, quick and has a low cost (easily under 100 gold).

·         Talk to the Guild Master NPC in a major city to purchase the Charter for 10 silver (see below for the names and locations – but asking a City Guard will give you the location).

·         You need three other players to agree to be members of your guild to get it up and running.  So, go to the starter area and ask players to sign the Charter in exchange for 10 gold.  All starter players, and even new alts, will be willing to do this.  Don’t be deceiving, explain that you only need their signatures and that they will be kicked from the guild when it is started.  So whisper the question first, if the answer is yes then present the charter to be signed.

·         Once you have the three signatures get back to the Guild Master NPC to register the guild and start it up

·         Kick the signatory players and there you have your Guild.

Be aware that the players that signed your Charter can delete their character or sign another Charter and so remove their signatures from your Charter.  So don’t hang around once you have your four signatures.  Also, be aware that it is one signature per player – so a player’s alt cannot sign the charter.

The whole process should take less than half an hour.

The Downsides to having a Guild Bank.

·         That character can not belong to another guild – so say goodbye to raiding for that character.

·         It is hard to pass a guild bank to another alt – you will need a trusted friend online to allow you to pass the guild bank to them and then log on the alt to receive the guild bank.

Names and locations of the Guild Masters:

·         Guild master Lysheana at the Craftsmen's Terrace in Darnassus

·         Guild master Jondor Steelbrow at The Commons in Ironforge

·         Guild master Aldwin Laughin at the Trade District in Stormwind

·         Guild master Funaam at Trader's Tier in the Exodar

·         Guild master Andrew Matthews at Dalaran Visitor Center in Dalaran

·         Guild master Urtrun Clanbringer at the Valley of Strength in Orgrimmar

·         Guild master Krumn in Lower Rise in Thunder Bluff

·         Guild master Christopher Drakul at The Trade Quarter in Undercity

·         Guild master Tandrine at the Walk of the Elders in Silvermoon

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