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Sunday, 6 November 2011

The importance of a second profession

There will come times during the life cycle of a profession when it starts to earn lower gold than is acceptable whether due to the game slowing ahead of new content or the profession has suddenly become much more competitive lowering the income for all participants to an unacceptably low level.

In those situations having a backup profession is a godsend and widens the options available.  The ability to temporarily leave one market and enter another market seamlessly means that the level of profits are you willing to accept from any one profession is measured against the profits that can be achieved from another profession.  Rather than being measured against how low you are willing to go in one profession alone.

For myself, my main income comes from Inscription – which itself i divide into glyphs, darkmoon cards and the rest.  But when the glyph market turns down as one of the competitors takes the prices right down i then turn to the Enchanting market until the glyph market competitive fire burns itself out.

To make this work of course the second profession is required to be maxed out and waiting in the wings.  I have Enchanting on another toon which has its own guild bank (and so it is another level 85 character).  I hold a few days worth of raw materials to allow me to enter right away and then start to stock up on raw materials as required.  I don’t hold a full week’s worth of raw materials in case new content comes along to make it redundant.  I view this as insurance which has paid for itself many times over in the past.

That is not to say that if one of your professions in bringing in plenty of gold that you should still diversify.  By all means, if one profession is bringing in supernormal profits then milk it for all it is worth during that time.

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