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Saturday, 5 November 2011

How I Operate in the Inscription Market

As ever, every server is different and there are many strategies. Below i detail my strategy and other thoughts. Whilst my strategy may not work on other servers, the thinking behind it should provide guidance.

I split the inscription market into three market areas:

· firstly there is glyphs, scrolls, cards and certificates of ownership – they lend themselves to post / undercut / repost routine through the use of addons;

· secondly there are all the off-hands – they lend themselves to posting one of each once for 48 hours;

· and thirdly there are the inks - I don’t sell the main inks, but i sell the surplus secondary inks such as dawnstar, darkflame and snowfall. However, I don’t see this as part of my gold making in inscription (see a later post on My routine – for surplus inks).

If Inscription is your main income, then consider also having herbalism. It is a good back up profession in case herbs start to run dry on the AH – and gives you a good source of inferno inks. I view herbalism as an insurance against the raw materials running out.

However, I would advise against of taking herbalism is to avoid buying herbs on the AH and so have a nil cost of crafting your glyphs (excluding the parchments). The volumes of glyphs that you sell will far outweigh what you can reasonably farm unless you have plenty of time on your hands.

My use of addons

Inscription is highly repetitive, high volume and highly competitive. Therefore, it lends itself well to addons, and indeed addons are a must if you want to make this a key part of your gold making.

Auctioneer: used it since day 1, i don’t honestly know what the AH looks like without it!

Tradeskillmaster: the core part of inscription. It is the addon that, after an initial setup, posts glyphs between my maximum and minimum prices, and cancels undercut glyphs. Tradeskillmaster can also now mills herbs with is Destroyer addon.

Postal: each of my toons empty 100 glyphs a time. Postal allows me to collect mails very quickly. Tradeskillmaster can now do this.

Altoholic: keeps a track of the contents of your bags, banks and guild banks across your toons. Tradeskillmaster also does this.

Friendsshare: keeps track of all your friends and sync s them across your alts. Your friends list will be filled with your competitors.

Auditor: to keep a track of the gold on your toons.

As an aside, it is worth not placing 100% reliance on one addon. Above i note that i double up on certain addons where Tradeskillmaster can now do the job. In theory, i should perhaps go through my addons and clean out any surplus. But whilst my computer can take the additional resources i chose to remain with these additional addons – you never know when one addon may no longer work. When The Shattering came along, most AH addons failed except Auctionator. I suspect many of my competitors were effectively kept out of the market for days until other addons were repaired.

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