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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

How I am set up

In all, i use four toons for inscription: I have my crafter who has a guild bank and sells 3 classes of glyph and a selection of the top level darkmoon cards; and I have 3 alts, two of which sell 3 classes each and the third sells one class and all the scrolls, certificates of ownership and off hands.

The crafter and the two alts that sell 3 classes each have 3 packs of endless pockets and one frostweave bag.  That can handle 3 classes of glyphs each.  The third alt that sells one class and all the scrolls, certificates of ownership and off hands has 2 packs of endless pockets and 2 frostweave bags – that can take care of one class of glyphs, the scrolls and certificates of ownership, and all the offhands.

Guild bank – i keep this with my crafter, easier to get hold of inks et al, avoids mailing.  Holds all the inks i need plus herbs i store up during the week plus spare parchments (saves going to the vendor all the time).

Main bank – my crafters main bank holds the bags that a set of ink ready to craft a weeks supply of glyphs, and components for the off-hands.

I don’t have a bank toon – the gold is kept on each toon as it builds up.  The crafter (who also buys the herbs) is self financing.

I don’t use alt banks in the inscription process other than to store surplus ink.  It is a question of adding in a trip from the mailbox to the bank to swap bags vs logging onto another alt.  Perhaps saves time, perhaps not.  But that’s just me.

I watch my competitors by adding them to my Friends list.

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