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Friday, 11 November 2011

How i price my items – glyphs

Given it takes 3 inks per glyph and 2 pigments per ink, i therefore determine it takes 10 to 12 herbs per glyph (plus the parchment).  If i buy the herbs from the AH at between 1 gold and 1.5 gold the cost of each glyph is 10 to 18 gold.

Given the price of inks should go no higher than that of blackfallow inks (because each blackfallow ink can be converted into a crafting ink) then the cost of each glyph is the same, no matter what level it is or what class.

I price each glyph 50 silver below the current price on the AH – this is a hangover from the old days when posting was slower and undercutting by 1 copper risked not being the cheapest glyph by the time it was posted, but i have kept this amount up since then.  I don’t go below 40 gold yet.  Next step would be to go down to 35 gold, but so far there is no need.  At the start of cataclysm my minimum price was 80 gold.  My fall back price is 400gold.  Presently, i am selling each glyph (that sells) for an average of 100 gold.

For those competitors who post under 40 gold, that is fine by me.  I don’t want to shut out my competitors – having stable competition where everyone is happy with the gold they make is helpful in keeping out new entrants.  We all pitch in to defend our end of the market.

Furthermore, by not posting below 40 gold i speed up the time it takes to cancel and repost.

There are three price levels of glyphs:
·         Those glyphs that are used to level the profession go for silver, if that – i stock them for completeness but i never get to sell any given my minimum price of 40 gold;
·         Those glyphs you get without northrend research or book of glyph mastery sell for ok margins;
·         The glyphs you get with northrend research or book of glyph mastery sell for the best margins.

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