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Saturday, 19 November 2011

The importance of minimum pricing levels

Vile of Vile's Golden Auctions has written a good post do-it-right-or-dont-do-it-at-all-tsm.html which speaks of the importance of watching what price you put your actions on at. In summary the lesson is don't just let Your Addon (in this case TradeSkillMaster) do the posting without watching the prices it is posting at in case there are some rogue competitor prices in there.

Personally, I would a step further and suggest you pay attention to your minimum prices. If you set your minimum prices at levels which you are happy to make a sale then being priced low because of rogue pricing will not be an issue. Sure, someone may be pulling down the prices to scam cheap items from you but you will always be selling them at prices you are happy with and, let's face it, you can sit and craft the items all day.

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  1. So for your glyphs you would be happy for a glyph that normally sells at 150 gold to be taken down to 45 gold?

  2. Yes, I craft glyphs at a cost of 15 to 18 gold - so happy to sell at a minimum of 40 gold all day. If someone is buying the glyphs to repost higher then hopefully I will still be there undercutting them when when the price is reset upwards.

    Of course, I could finess my minimum prices and split my glyphs into 3 groups: those gained from research; those gained from books of glyph mastery; and the rest.


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