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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Hello there stranger! - what is it and what is its purpose?

An Advanced Strategy that i have seen in my inscription market.

This is where out of nowhere a new market participant that you have never seen and their alts start posting the full range of items whilst at the same time a former established market participant seemingly disappears off the face of the earth.

In fact, it is more likely that the former market participant has deleted their old posting alts and created new posting alts with new names with the intent to confuse the market.

One sign of this happening is when your Friends List no longer recognises some of your competitors just at the time when a new competitor emerges.

The primary aim of this strategy is to disguise the owner of the posting alts and therefore attempt to convince other market participants that there is a new entrant into the market whereas in fact it is an established participant – i.e. there has been no increase in participants in the market.

By using this disguise the player hopes that the other market participants will not know their typical posting times and standard strategies in use.  Furthermore, the player hopes that their history in the market will be cleared – such as their stamina for competition etc and indeed the player hopes that it will take a while for the market participants to update their friends list and so give them a free run at being able to post without being noticed.

For example, if previously this player posted every day except Saturday and Wednesday then the player hopes that it will take a while before the market establishes that their new posting alts are also following this pattern.  Indeed, the player hopes that all data on their prior posting alts gathered by the Undermine Journal will be lost to history.

And therefore the player hopes to temporarily strengthen their position in the market whilst the other market participants get their act together.

In addition, a player that tries this strategy once is quite likely to try again at a later time - this strategy is quite effective for a short term gain.

. . . . . and tomorrow i will post the strategy to combat this strategy.

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  1. seriously, this blog is brilliant. i thought i knew inscritption but i am learning almost every day again. keep it up croda


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