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Friday, 25 November 2011

Old inks - a slow and steady income stream.

On my server pre-Cataclysm inks are seemingly no longer in production, and certainly the pre-Cataclysm uncommon inks are no longer in production.  Levelling scribes appear to mill their own common inks in part but then resort to the Auction House for the uncommon Inks.

And thats where I come in.  I have surplus snowfall, dawnstar and darkflame inks.  I have plenty of the other uncommon inks but perhaps not enough to call surplus given my steady income stream in inscription offhands.

I sell my snowfall inks in batches of 2 for 49 gold per ink (98 gold a batch), the darkflame in batches of 5 for 25 gold a batch and the dawnstar also in batches of 5 for 35 gold a batch (I have loads of those two inks from pre-Cataclysm days).

The sales of my snowfall ink tends to go at 5 batches at a time (10 inks) which suggests they are being bought to make the offhands which need 5 inks and hence perhaps i should post more or in batches of 5, and likewise the other inks sell in 5 batches at a time (25 inks) though that suggests a normal scribe is just stocking up for offhands which use 5 and 6 inks respectively.

In a week I will make sales of 250 gold to 750 gold.  Every little helps.

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