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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Other items which i tend not to deal in

Forged Documents - Currently these are limited in their profitability by a one day cooldown.  They still provide a little bit of profit in their current state but not really enough for us serious gold makers.

Mysterious Fortune Cards - The cards sell great (along with Fortune Cookies) as long as you are barking them in order to keep interest up.  They are basically a form of Blizzard sanctioned in game gambling as when you turn over the card they can be sold to a vendor for anywhere from 10 silver to 5,000 gold.  There is a good segment of the Powerword:Gold podcast talking about this matter.

Dust of Disappearance - These can usually be made for under the cost to buy them from a vendor.  At one blackfallow ink they are cheap to make and you can often sell quite a few in a day.  Just be sure to list them on the AH for a price lower than the buy price from a vendor in order to sell a good number of them.  But again, this is a low income source.

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