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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Using a “Discount Alt”

I always have surplus inks for my scribe, pets to sell, mob drops, items crafted whilst levelling a profession and other items where i can get a better price on the Auction House than from a vendor.  I am not too fussed by what price i get as long as it is a large mark up to the vendor price.  Furthermore, i don’t want to litter my posting alts for Inscription and Enchanting with these items.

To resolve this i use a “Discount Alt”.

My “Discount Alt” is sent all items that are surplus to my crafting requirements and/or that can command a better price on the Auction House than from a vendor.

This alt posts these items for 48 hours undercutting all competition all the way down to a price that still commands a large mark up from a vendor price (which can get quite low but of course including the cost of a repetitive deposit lost).

Its sole aim is to get a better price including all deposit costs than i would have done selling direct to the vendor.  Therefore, to many it will be seen as a rogue competitor – and it is for this reason that i use a separate alt for such selling.  I don’t want to tarnish my posting alts with a reputation as a rogue competitor.

The income generated will be lumpy and inconsistent, but a respectable income nonetheless and does allow me to keep in touch with the markets outside my normal crafting professions.

This Discount Alt has one further use.  Where i am building a presence in a market – Jewelcrafting or Alchemy, for example – i will use this Discount Alt to post items to see how the market works, who the competitors are, what their strategies are.  I can use this alt to determine how the competitors react to my strategies whilst at the same time slowly building product range.

If i determine that a market is worth breaking into with the view to becoming an established participant then i create a dedicated posting alt which takes over from the Discount Alt.  To other participants in the market this posting alt will have a “clean” reputation and so have an upper hand on the competitive landscape when seemingly entering the market for the first time.

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