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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Who is the glyph market leader?

Is it the person (and lets define person as all their ingame characters on a server) that posts the most glyphs in a day or is it the person who sells the most glyphs in a day or is it the person who posts the highest total value of glyphs in a day or is it the person who sells the highest total value of glyphs in a day?

And indeed, what advantage does being the market leader bring?

Being the market leader does not give any scale benefits – the cost to craft a glyph is the same whether you sell 1 or 100 a day, there is no volume discount on the Auction House fees.

You don’t have pricing power, indeed you are equal with all market participant as a price taker.  No-one is a price maker unless they are leading the market down.

Actually, i would argue that being the market leader is not important at all in the glyph market.  What is more important is being the lowest priced glyph when demand comes to the Auction House.  And you don’t need to be the market leader to do that, you just need your glyph to be there and at the lowest price.

Hence, perhaps instead of posting five of every glyph two would do.  I can guarantee that your sales would not fall by 60% if you reduced your glyphs from five each to two each.  But your time to cancel and repost would be greatly reduced, and that is what counts here.

Going one step further, if you are the Scribe posting less volume than other market participants but making higher profits then you are doing something right.  Market leader or not.

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  1. I now only try to post 1 glyph of each I have, to see how it goes, I spend less time making and posting.

  2. why do you sell two at a time instead of one?

  3. Ive said this before here. Anetheron has got to be the worst place for scribes. Completely disgusted with the posting of 5,6,7 of each and every glyph by 2 people on the ah that sit in front of the ah and undercut about every 15 minutes. You can't sell a glyph here unless you also camp ah all day and night and undercut every 15 like them.

    Maybe might get lucky and sell one at 40g

  4. @Anon: I sell 2 because i often find that glyphs are bought enmasse by players who want to kit out a character with several at a time - hence, in one shot the most popular gyphs in a class can go and i want to be there for the second player deciding to do the same. I could post three but that is then eating into my cancelling and reposting time and i don't want to push my competitors into an aggressive combative mode - good idea to leave them something on the table.

    @Anon: yes, if you have someone who stays online all day and camps then you are often down to one strategy and that is to take the costs of all glyphs down to just above cost. If they are willing to mill and craft and post all day to earn 50 silver profit per glyph then good for them!

  5. I post 5 because my goal is to deny other sales.

    Any decent camper will also have mins/maxes, and will instead let the other ones, desperate for a sale, get the 50 silver profit, while their 5 glyph wall sits right above it at a more modest profit.


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