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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Croda's Inscription Gold Guide updated

Today I have updated the guide.  It can be found on the Croda's Inscription Gold Guide Page to this blog.

I have added new sections on:

Advanced Trading Stratgies - including how i deal with Glyph Walls and Auction House Campers, and other advanced trading strategies that i have seen

Inscription Market Observations - a discussion on my observations on the types of markets i have operated in, what i like and some other views.

More general types for scribes - such as Podcasts i listen to, checking for new recipes, and more

Reference Data - such as Herbs to Glyph Conversion

The Scribe's Glossary

and Guide FAQs

as a teaser, the contents are listed below:


1. Description

2. Gold Making Potential

3. Analysis of the market

4. What changed the prices of glyphs after Patch 4.0.1?

5. Levelling

6. How i operate in the inscription market
a.My use of addons
b.How i am set up
c.What do i stock?
d.When do i mill and craft?
e.How i price my items – glyphs
f.How i price my items – scrolls
g.How i price my items – runescrolls
h.How i price my items – certificates of ownership
i.How i price my items – darkmoon cards
j. How i price my items - off hands
k. My routine – for glyphs, darkmoon cards, scrolls, runescrolls and certificates of ownership
l.My routine – for off hands
m.My routine – for surplus inks
n.How i compete
o.How i deal with a serious new entrant
p. How i deal with an existing competitor that turns aggressive
q.What i have on my snatch list for inscription

7. Advanced Strategies
a. The starting point
b. The Glyph Wall –what is it and what is its purpose?
c. The Glyph Wall –how to combat it
d. The Auction House Camper - what is it and what is its purpose?
e. The Auction House Camper – how to combat it?
f. The Pricing Trap strategy – what is it and what is its purpose?
g. The Pricing Trap strategy – how to combat it
h. Hello there stranger! - what is it and what is its purpose?
i. Hello there stranger! - how to combat this

8. Market Observations
a. Forcing a competitor to leave the market
b. Stable markets is what every scribe wants.
c. Sales on a sustainable basis
d. Who is the Market Leader?
e. Lowing the cost of glyphs – looking at the manufacturing process
f. Sunk Costs
g. Cash Margins vs Profit Margins
h. Measuring Gold per Hour

9. General Tips for Scribes
a. Books of Glyph Mastery - a form of insurance
b. Alt Posting Location
c. A Guild Bank
d. Getting the Drop on your Competitors
e. What to do before Patches and new content
f. Podcasts i listen to
g. Post Patch work –reset your Auction House data
h. Checking for Recipes on the Auction House
i. Better safe than sorry
j. Skipping items to post
k. Checking to see what recipes you still have to collect
l. Loading out of date addons.

10 Reference Data
a. Herbs to Glyph Conversion

11. Scribe's Glossary

A A bit about myself
B Why did i start gold making in World of Warcraft?
C Guide FAQs

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