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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Croda's Inscription Guide FAQs

for other ideas on the glyph market please follow the link to the free Croda's Inscription Gold Guide

Ahead of updating the Guide at thw weekend I have had several emails that are starting to form some common themes, so i will answer those here:

Is the guide free: yes.  It is found on my blog as Croda's Inscription Gold Guide

How often will it be updated: once a month feels about right

What sort level of player is this aimed at: as long as the player has started their daily inscription research then it will be of use.  It will be of most use to players that do not consider themselves expert gold makers in World of Warcraft.

Is it a levelling guide: no, it refers the reader to other levelling guides.  The aim of this guide is to show the reader how to make gold from Inscription.

Can i quote/copy some paragraphs to discuss: yes, that is ok as long as it is linked through to the guide on my blog.

Can i copy all of it and put it on my own site: no.  Feel free to link to it though.

Will it contain information not on the blog: no.  Infact, the blog though will have graphics which the guide will not otherwise it would take ages to open the guide page.

are there plans for guides on other professions: no.  My core abilities lie in Inscription.  I partake in other professions and Enchanting is my next biggest earner - but i would not count myself as an expert in these.


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