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Friday, 2 December 2011

Checking for Recipes on the Auction House

Once a profession is levelled to 525 and you are working on any relevant dailies, or even before, it is always worthwhile whenever you profession character is at the Auction House to check for any available recipes that have been posted.  Of course, make sure you have picked up all recipes from vendors around the world (give yourself a spare hour, pour yourself a glass of wine and start flying from vendor to vendor).

This is easily done.  Open the Auction House window:

·         tick “Usable Items” on the top bar of the window

·         click Recipes and then select the profession you are searching

·         the press Search

A list of recipes that you don’t own will appear.  (if a very long list appears then it is likely you have not ticked “Usable Items”

I always buy recipes that are priced under 100 gold.

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  1. thanks for this tip! i never knew it existed. i was forever writing down recipes I needed and then entering them into the auction house to find!


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