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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Better safe than sorry

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There will come times, most notably at new Patches or Expansions when your favourite addon does not work until the developers update it for the new Patch or Expansion.  For a gold maker than can be the difference participating in post Patch / Expansion release gold rush or merely sitting on the sidelines watching others pick up those thousands of gold.

There is a very simple way to avoid this, and at this to download at least two addons per key task.  You don’t need to activate them all, just keep the second one deactivated.  It will be kept updated when you scan your addons at curse as normal.

A simple 15 minutes of playing around with it to familiarise yourself with how it works will be all thats required.

And then on Patch day or new Expansion day when your main addon fails your spare addon can be activated and you are up and running making all that gold as your competitors struggle.


  1. keep writing dumb shit

  2. Isn't it common logic that if your primary addons fail your backup addon whatever that might be, will fail as well ?

    Just saying

  3. as in Auctioneer vs Auctionator. even if you like one over the other, it is an idea to have both loaded even if one is deactivated. By knowing how to operate with both then at least one will be up after a new patch.

  4. Meh .. i simply rely on Curse to keep my addies updated. If not i rage :)

  5. Well he's saying in reference to patches if you used Auctioneer you were in the dark, but if you also had Auctionator you could still be an auction machine! Curse will update your addons true, but the addons need to be updated by the developer first!!


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