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Friday, 9 December 2011

Sales on a sustainable basis

. . . . . . or how rising prices can attract unwanted competition.

I would rather sell one item every 2 days for 200 gold on a sustainable basis with the market to myself than compete with others to sell the very same item every 2 days for 400 gold.

I find this is the case with the off hands such as Iron-bound Tome, Manual of Clouds and Faces of Doom.  Despite selling them every 2 days as sure as night follows day, i do not put up their prices.  Because doing so would attract unwanted competition.

At present my competition can see one Iron-bound Tome sold every 2 days for 200 gold and they don’t both trying to compete.  But if i was to raise my prices they would notice a sale for 300 gold or 400 gold every 2 days and then they would try and enter this market.

I get 1000 gold per week from these.  It may not be much but it all adds up.

When you are onto a good thing best not to try and make it a great thing, everyone wants to be onto a great thing.

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  1. no, this is dumb.

  2. i like this idea. earning gold without attracting competition is a hidden secret in world of warcraft. i already do this though i did not realise it. thank you for putting my actions into words!

  3. You're giving away too many secrets Croda!

  4. @Critical: . . . . i know, i know.


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