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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Checking to see what recipes you still have to collect

The addon Ackis Recipe List integrates into the crafting addon Advanced Trade Skill Window (and others).

When you open the crafting window for any profession there is a button called “Scan” on the top bar on the window – put there by Ackis Recipe List.  Pressing this button will reveal all recipes that you still need to collect and also a summary of how many recipes you already have expressed as a percentage of all available recipes for that profession.

You can sort the recipes to collect by:

·         Acquisition – which sorts the recipes to collect into the headlines Mobs, Reputation, Vendors etc which can be expanded further

·         Location – which sorts the recipes to collect by area of Azeroth

·         Recipes – which just lists the recipes to collect

Running your cursor over each recipe will show you the location on the map and any other relevant information (like if the vendor is Horde or Alliance!), you can click the recipe to get further information on the collection requirements.

If you do nothing else with this information then at least go and get the recipes available from vendors where you do not need reputation or a daily cool down.

as you can see - i have plenty of work to do with my Jewelcrafter!

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  1. i never noticed the scan button before. i must have thought it was for something else. thanks again for this tip.


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