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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Podcasts i listen to

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As well as the blog roll to the right the gold making community in World of Warcraft is active in podcasting. Below are the podcasts i listen to as well as the non-gold making podcasts related to World of Warcraft that i also listen to.

As ever, it is not only the ideas the hosts discuss but the thinking behind the ideas that is of benefit to us all.  And they make for good listening.

they are in alphabetical order split between the pure gold making podcasts and the pocasts what are about the World of Warcraft in general.  For a complete list of Gold making Blogs and Podscasts see The PowerwordGold Blog Directory.

Pure gold making

Addicited to Azeroth - inactive

Auction House Junkies - Hosted by Cold and Wes from Cold's Gold Factory and Capped by Cata, respectively

Call to Auction – just returned after a 9 month break!  Hosted by Fox Van Allen and Euripides.

The Mana Cooler - Hosted by George

Powerword:Gold - Hosted by Fluxdada from Powerword:gold and a guest host.

Mixture of gold making but mostly other World of Warcast

The Instance - Hosted by hosted by Scot Johnson, Dills and Turpster from Frogpants Studios, AIE Podcast and The Incredible Podcast of Amazing Awesomeness respectively

Outlandish Podcast - hosted by Jeremy, Justin, Matt and Mandy

Rep Grind Radio - Hosted by Twizzle and r9sid9nt9vil from WoW According to Twizz and respectively, a range of topics.

Warcraft Lounge - Hosted by Chris and Ryan, going since November 2010, range of topics and debate.


  1. I recently started to listen to podcasts, so far I listen Rep grind radio, AU junkies and PWG.

  2. I've gotta plug Raid Warning dot net. Open your ears and "Just do it!".

    Great post


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