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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Cassandra Downs in the Twilight Highlands

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The Cataclysm offhands that scribes can craft and sell for nice gold need raw materials that can only be found from a vendor in the Twilight Highlands or from the Auction House.

To reveal the vendors in the Twilight Highlands you will need to complere a quest chain at least once.

The Alliance vendor is Cassandra Downs, the Horde vendor is Una Kobuna.

Personally, i would do the quest chain.  These offhands sell nicely and making one round trip a month to pick up 10 of each raw material item is not much to ask - they are available in unlimited supply.

Alternatively, you can sell the items on the Auction House - but i would advise against this.  Why allow your competitors to buy the raw materials from the Auction House.

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