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Friday, 23 December 2011

The Glyph Wall - how to combat it

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Following on from yesterdays post on the Advanced Strategy The Glyph Wall – what is it and what is its purpose?

If the glyph is above my minimum price then i continue as normal until i reach my minimum posting price, which as i write is 40 gold.

However, given the aim of the glyph wall is to force a player out of the market it is likely that the competitor will start posting the wall below your minimum posting price - indeed, if the competitor has done their research the glyph wall is likely to start below your minimum posting price anyway. The normal Glyph Wall competitor is not an Auction House Camper – that is why the Wall is used.Hence, in this case i adopt the “race to the cost strategy”.

I can’t get way from the fact that during this counter strategy profits from the glyph market are going to nil for all market participants including myself.I have known this counter strategy to go on for almost 3 solid weeks before.

The aim here is to bring all glyphs where there is a Wall down to just above cost price and let the glyph wall competitor undercut me and so make losses on each sale. Eventually they will become dispirited at crafting, posting, making a small loss and repeating time and time again.

Therefore, my strategy is:

1.  I remove the 40 gold minimum posting price from my addon and lower it first to 30 gold, then 20 gold and then just above cost price.

2.  I undercut by the normal 50 silver

3.  Continue to post single glyphs in batches of 2

4.  Cancel and repost as normal

5.  But now i cancel and repost at least before i go to work and right before i go to bed

The aim is to bring the glyph prices down as fast as possible without using higher than normal undercutting amounts.I find it important to signal to the glyph wall competitor that i am a rational competitor but that i will fight hard for my market.

And of course i keep this up until the Walls are taken down – which is a signal from the glyph wall competitor that they are either leaving the market or giving up on the strategy to allow prices to be reset upwards.

In my experience, the glyph wall only works a third of the time in forcing another player totally out of the market. What i tend to find happens is that myself and another market participant will bring the glyphs down to cost price, other participants will step out of the market and the glyph wall competitor will start selling at a loss. Eventually they give up and leave. And then those other players return.


  1. The problem with your plan is a smart glyph waller isn't going to go below cost. He's making you stress out trying to stop his wall from selling while he only needs to post once every 48 hours.

    He's going to find your real threshold and post just above that... For months.

  2. When I use glyph walls I don't do it to sell glyphs, I do it to teach obsessive glyph campers a lesson. I'll keep the wall (or walls if they try buying me out) up for as long as it takes. Months, years, it doesn't matter, it's not costing me anything and as long as they keep undercutting the wall, it's not much work keeping it up either. When they stop, I raise my prices until the next obsessive camper comes along.


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