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Monday, 26 December 2011

The Holiday Goblins - nowhere to be seen?

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Here we are, Christmas has been and still i see no sign of that Holiday Goblin.  These are the intrepid gold makers that surface during the holidays, enter a market and add extra competition during the holidays.  As the holiday draws to an end their pricing moves to a "price to sell at any cost" strategy and generally takes the market prices right down.  They are most common at the end of the long summer holidays and i generally step out of the market for a week at this point.

But, this holiday, i dont see any in my Inscription market.  Perhaps the holidays are too short, or perhaps i am lucky this time.

Hard to say, but it is good news!


  1. I think they just haven't showed up yet, I chalked them up to being school kids and while colleges and universities have been out a week now, high school was in right through friday, plus most won't have the ability to start on christmas. Maybe we're thinking of different things

  2. that's because they are bad
    you are bad

  3. We had a recent surge of new glyph competitors on my server, but this happened before the holidays started. Say, November.


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