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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Alt posting location

A key concern of an alt posting toon is the speed of posting.  I don’t want my posting alt to experience lag because of an overcrowded city.  And i don’t want my posting alt to be interrupted by guild invites.  And therefore the less crowed a city the better.

From an Alliance point of view Ironforge is almost deserted, at least on my server.  Stormwind is too crowded and the lag can be an issue.

Starting a toon at level 1 to become a posting toon means starting near Stormwind or Ironforge.  Stormwind is the quickest place to start – has direct access to the City along a road.  Hence, a quick run along the road to Stormwind and then the tram to Ironforge puts all my posting toons in Ironforge.

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  1. yes, i know what you mean. nothing more annoying than guild invites when posting on the AH. good post and keep them coming, i really enjoy your writings.

  2. I moved my bank alt to Shattrah, bank, mailbox, and auctioneer all in one room. Plus it's on different hardware, as fast as greased lightening

  3. Cow town in Org is a great spot for Horde crafters that use a forge or an anvil.
    Org-Troll AH Is best for posting out of your guild bank since you can open the gbank and ah without moving

  4. Shattrath and Dalaran are great locations too. Dalaran is especially good for crafting alts with Alchemy and Herbalism since the trade vendors are so close to the auction.

  5. indeed, all important to have a low use city with the mailbox, guild bank and auction house close.

    thanks all for your views.

  6. You can block guild invites from the interface options, the same way as you can block trades.

    Also, Darnassus has the shortest distance between AH and mailbox. Getting to the bank is a pain, but if you don't need to visit the bank, you want to consider the elven capital.


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