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Monday, 19 December 2011

Forcing a competitor to leave the market

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. . . . . . is not easy and indeed gets much harder the longer a market participant is around.

To truly force a competitor out of the market they must unlearn that profession.  A competitor that merely no longer posts has not fully left the market.  With no cost they can re-enter where they left off.  A strategy that aims to force a competitor out of the market must force them to unlearn the profession.

Aggressive competitive action may force another competitor to stop posting but there is no cost to a competitor of leaving 8 of every glyph in their bags as they focus on another profession.  The moment the market prices reset upwards they will be back.

However, for new entrants picking up the profession on daily research at a time are much more likely to find themselves discouraged and therefore more likely to unlearn the profession.  But that is mainly because they do not know the profits that can come from Inscription.  The longer serving market participants are likely to hang around and bide their time.

At the end of the day, the equation a market participant will use is comparing the time and cost to learn a new profession against the time to sit out an aggressive competitive action in their market.

The last time i really saw long term market participants leave the Inscription market was during the summer of 2010 when the glyph market changes were being debated (before autumn 2010 glyphs were destroyed when a character changed one glyph for another as opposed to today where a character only needs vanishing powder or dust of disappearance).  Many thought that the glyph market would be destroyed and so unlearned the profession.  See my post What changed the prices of glyphs after Patch 4.0.1? on why this turned out not to be the case.


  1. so misinformed and retarded.

  2. How is he misinformed and retarded?

    You won't force a truely dedicated competitor out. He might decide to take a little break or he might just post his items for 48 hours just over cost and let you stress out preventing them from selling... He might even force *you to sell under *your cost while still making a profit himself.

  3. The only time you'll force somebody to unlearn a profession is whispering, "Hey dude, Engineering sucks."

  4. I seriously doubt one's ability to force a competitor to unlearn a profession when they are such a pain to level, especially with inscription where you have to do all the research

  5. @Moxnix and Xsinthis you both complain when people QQ on your blogs and yet her you are QQing on this poor person's blog!

    @ Moxnix I bet you still feel dirty defending your wall strategy :p Loved that comment just had to relive it :p

  6. @ Moxnix i forget to give you some !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So there they are! Do you feel the power? I still dont use walls but i have entered and make a nice profit now that i can cut gems and sell them cut as well as raw :P

    I end with a quote from Critical Goblin!

    "PS: dont u feel dirty having to defend wall strats =)"!!!!!

  7. *blinks*

    I don't recall every QQ'ing about someone QQ'ing on my blog o.O

    I also don't think I was QQ'ing rather pointing out a major problem with attempting to force someone out


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