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Monday, 30 January 2012

Milling - is there an easier way?

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I often get an email asking me if there is an automatic way to mill my herbs rather than the current method of one click per milling of 5 herbs.

The bad news is that there is not, at least not that i am aware, another way that is allowable.

My current stragegy is to fill a 36 slot Hyjal Expedition Bag full of herbs from my Guild Bank (i have been buying cheap herbs from the Auction House and storing them in my Guild Bank) and to mill them using the Addon TradeSkillMaster, specifically the Destroying addon for TradeSkillMaster.  I do this when i have spare time but for sure on a Saturday morning to clear out my herbs in my Guild Bank.

It still requires me to be at my computer and press the button once for each mill.  And i admit this is the most tedious part of Inscription.

there are other Addons which can be found at the website

Or you can create your own milling macro

/cast milling
/use (herb 1)
/use (herb 2)
/use (herb 3)

. . . . . . substituting herb 1, herb 2 for the different herb names.  given the macro limit of 255 characters you will likely need 4 or 5 buttons.  And what is more, if herb 1 gets down to 3 herbs in your bags then the macro will not go onto herb 2 and onwards until you have either increased the number of herb 1 to at least 5 or removed herb 1 from your bag.

Its a slow process - but on the bright side all market participants need to endure this!


  1. I like Panda for milling/prospecting.

  2. I use enchantrix. For some reason my 9 and 10 year old both think spamming the yes button for enchantrix on milling and prospecting is *exciting* They will usually fight over who gets to do it. :)

    Panda was decent too. I used it briefly.

  3. There are ways to use autohotkey to send commands based on mouse movement to toggle a yes click. Its not botting because it is a 1 to 1 input and chats by various people with various gms say its allowed. It doesn't allow it to happen automatically without your presence, but you can at least be alt tabbed doing something else. Look over the forums at the consortium for a guide on how to do it...

  4. I have played with a Logitech G13 gamepad for a long time now. Last year I discovered a gem, the G13 can be configured to repeat keys with a configurable duration and time between clicks. Combine this with the macro mentioned above and I can fill my bags with herbs, press a single button and then AFK mill.


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