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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Book of Blood

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as part of my review into the non-glyph markets in Inscription, today i am looking at the off hand Book of Blood.

I sell 5 of these off hands a week, it feels like 1 a day at times.  I sell them for c220 gold and the crafting cost is c90 gold (3 inferno inks + 6 volatile life + 10 resilient parchment).  It is the only Cataclysm off-hand that i sell for below 1000 gold but i have surplus inferno inks from my milling of Cataclysm herbs hence i am only really buying the volatile life.

It gives +127 Intellect and +191 Stamina, and a small increase to Haste and Critical Strike when equipped.  But more importantly the player only needs to be level 81 to equip it, not level 85.

Therefore it is commonly used by casters that are levelling to 85 before they buy the “Divine Companion” off hand when they reach level 85.

At present, there are only two of us on my server selling them and we are both happy with our profits so the competition is very low.

I post at a fall back price of 250 gold and a minimum price of 200 gold, and i post one at a time.  I dont want to be greedy or force my competitor into aggressive competitive actons – my competitor seems to do likewise.

Of all the off-hands, it is the one that seems to sell the most consistently.

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