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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Posting Cycle, plus 1

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When i go through my cancel and repost routine by logging on my posting alts one after another i always watch the Friends List to see if any competitors are coming online.  Even if i see none, at the end of my cancel and reposting routine i always log on my first alt to see if any glyphs have been undercut.

Hence, i do my posting cycle, plus one alt.

Normally one or two have been my minor competitors.  I don’t mind that and i leave.

Occasionally, a lot more have been undercut.  In this case i take a look at the posters name(s) and look up the Undermine Journal.  If they are maxed out in Inscription (currently level 525) then i note them onto by Friends List – they are likely a potential competitor.

They may only be posting once to experiment with the market but the sooner we get a started on keeping an eye on them the better.

Indeed, the fact that they posted whilst i was going through my cancel and reposting cycle would indicate that they do not know the market well and therefore are new to the market – all my competitors know that i will remain on the cycle until i am satisfied.  And indeed, all my competitors do likewise.

A new entrant often comes armed with strategies to try and will likely try them all at some point if they persist with the market.

In any event, always going back to your first posting alt to check for undercuts is worth while time spent.

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