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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Iron-Bound Tome

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as part of my review into the non-gylph end markets in Inscription, today i am looking the the Iron-Bound Tome.

Iron-Bound Tome is an offhand that gives 141 Armor, +49 Stamina, +63 Intellect and increases Critical Strike by a small amount.  However, the important point here is that the player only needs to be level 77 to equip it, not level 80.

They are used by casters that are levelling and normally kept until level 81 at which point the “Book of Blood” is bought.  If the caster wants spirit at the expense of intellect then they will go for the Faces of Doom instead.

The crafting cost is c80 gold on my server (5 snowfall + 1 frozen orb + 10 resilient parchment) and i sell them for 200 to 250 gold.  I sell 3 or 4 a week.

I am the only person selling these on my server.

I post at a fall back price of 250 gold and a minimum price of 200 gold.  I post one at a time.  If it is sold then for sure i miss the potential for other sales until i log back on and replace with a new Iron-Bound Tome.  But if i post 2 at a time, or more, then my competitors will realise that there is a market present here and perhaps seek to enter.

In the past, when i increased the fall back price to 400 gold i merely attracted new competitors.  Hence i now keep the price between 200 and 250 gold.


  1. I am also the only one selling them in my server, but they sell very slowly, one sold 1 in 2 weeks.

  2. as ever, every server is different. Perhaps your server goes for the "Faces of Doom" instear?


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