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Monday, 9 January 2012

Never Buyout items to reset the price

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Often i will see glyphs posted for 16 gold, say 2 or 3 per glyph.

I am tempted to buy them out to and repost at my fall back price of 400 gold.  If, for example, there were 3 glyphs posted at 16 gold then i need only sell 1 glyph at 48 gold to break even (Auction House fee aside).

I run a number of risks in doing this:

Firstly, they may be a “levelling glyph” and hence in high supply and so naturally low – so check the Undermine Journal for the average price.  If it is constantly low, say 5 gold, then it is a glyph used to level the profession.

Secondly, a competitor may have a low fall back price for these glyphs.  On my server there is one competitor who has a fall back price of 30 gold for the more common glyphs and these very quickly get down to cost price.  I will very quickly find that my 400gold glyph will be sitting there above glyphs posted at 30gold.

Thirdly, there may be plenty more to come at this price and a competitor is slowly releasing them into the market.

The best way to reset prices is to let natural buyers buy the low priced glyphs and then the fall back prices to kick in.  If any of the above are true then i will not have wasted gold buying out the glyphs, i will merely have wasted a very small deposit fee.

However, where glyphs are posted below cost then they should always be bought to replenish your stock piles – but no more.


  1. What is your routine if you have a glyph in your bag that is currently priced at below threshold? Do you post at threshold, post at fallback, or not post at all? I tend to post at fallback, on the off chance that the cheap ones on the auction house will expire/sell while my fallback glyph is still there. That doesn't happen very often, but I've got lucky once or twice with resetting price that way.

  2. Personally I routinely reset Glyphs.

    The Release Version of TSM that is coming out soon boasts a bunch of new features, one of them being a reset scan where you can set your maximum price to reset.

    It then scans for which ever auctioning group you want (in my case Glyphs) and populates a list showing you the # of glyphs to reset, recommended reset repost price, estimated profit, and cost to reset those glyphs.

    You can sort by # of glyphs needed to purchase in order to reset. Each time I scan I will find about 5-10 different glyph types that I only need to buy 1-3 glyphs (at a price of 5-20g each) in order to reset to what ever price I wish.

    I specifically target low quantity glyphs because it means:
    1) they are possibly fast selling glyphs.
    2) they are possibly not commonly sold.
    3) they won't cost me more than 50g risk.

    I easily sell these glyphs for around 120g-150g reset price, netting a decent profit and replenishing my Glyph Stock with cheap glyphs at the same time.

    Each to their own I guess. I find this method works nicely for me with little risk and often involves glyphs that I don't normally craft.

    Here is a screenshot if you wish:

    -Sinshroud from The Consortium.

  3. I think this is one of those server/situation dependent things.

    I say this because I feel the author has described almost the exact situation or rather lesson that I keep relearning myself at least once a week now (yeah I'm an obstinate b*tch.)

    However, in the past I have done like Sinshroud mentioned and specifically targeted low price low quantity glyphs for this. I still do on occasion I have just learned that like the author stated in the example, the 16g glyphs in particular are my bane. 5-10g as long as they are not voidwalkerish sometimes is still tempting. But it only takes one active competing scribe, with a ton of excess, to have their fallback set to 30g to really be a thorn in everyone's side.

  4. I think its fine to try it, just becareful because Wow changes thinngs, I remember when Thorium ore sold at least 50-80g a stack back in WOTLK, then the Crater place spawn rates changed and Thorium Ore regularly now sells for 15g a stack. So I got burned stocking up at 40g a stack before the spawn rates changed.


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