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Monday, 16 January 2012

The Holiday Goblins has left the building

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The Holiday Goblin is the intrepid gold makers that surface during the holidays, enter a market and add extra competition during the holidays.  As the holiday draws to an end their pricing moves to a "price to sell at any cost" strategy and generally takes the market prices right down.  They are most common at the end of the long summer holidays and i generally step out of the market for a week at this point.

I never really saw them at the start of this holiday season.  For a couple or so days last week the “holiday goblin” dumped their items on the Auction House and then disappeared.  The glyph market prices barely wobbled.

Not a bad showing this holiday.  Perhaps the season was too short, or some other reason that i don’t know.

But, either way, business as normal!

. . . . . . . as a side  note, because a girlfriend has come onto the scene my posts are now going to go to once every two days!


  1. *le wild girlfriend appears !

    Croda's posts shrink to once per week. :)


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