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Friday, 20 January 2012

Rituals of the New Moon

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The acquirer of this off-hand is able to transform into a giant wolf for 2 minutes  with a 10 minute cool down.  The colour of the wolf is determined by which book they buy: red; white; black; or grey.  When transformed the user is pacified and silenced though they are able to do things like using or creating items.  If the user un-equips it then the effect is dispelled.

Hence it serves no useful purpose other than cosmetic.  It is the only item in the game that allows the user to do this.  Much like Certificates of Ownership, there is demand out there for these.

A scribe can produce the Rituals of the New Moon with 5 Ink of Sea + 3 Eternal Shadow + 10 Resilient Parchment.  The book created is either red, white, black or grey – that is random.

On my server the cost of materials is 135 gold – used to be 85 gold but the cost of Eternal Shadows has gone up.  But, as with Certificates of Ownership, the sales price a buyer is willing to pay has little to do with the cost.

I should be more sophisticated, but it sell each book for 500 gold (despite the grey one being the most common) and i post for 48 hours.

I sell one every one to two weeks and i am the only person posting.  For 1500 gold per month, i suspect my competitors don’t bother.  But that is the point of these off-hands markets, pick up a 1000 gold here and a 1000 gold there and quite soon it is something meaningful on a weekly basis.

Operating under the radar of my competitors is the aim here, not ramping up the volumes.


  1. I just wanna say this is an extremely untapped market on most servers. Also, like you mentioned the key is definitely operating under the radar on this item. Though, that being said, occasional streaking through the ah as a wolf, on a Saturday afternoon, will ramp up your volume slightly. :)

  2. Good post. I totally forgot about this item.


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