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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Certificates of Ownership selling better

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The Certificate of Ownership can only be crafted by a Scribe.

It is the only thing that a Hunter can use to change their pet's name.

To craft it costs 2 celestial inks plus 1 common parchment.  On my server that is c10 gold per certificate.  The 48 hour deposit fee at the Auction House is 15 silver.

I sell them for a maximum of 100 gold and a minimum of 20 gold.  So my profits per certificate sold is 10 to 90 gold.

I normally sell one every two weeks - there is very very low demand given it is only targetted at one class, and is very much not required by that class to operate effectively.  The good news is that i am the only person who supplies the market on my server at present - doubtless the very low sales rate puts off my competitors.  Hence, the current sales price is 100 gold.

If a Hunter wants to change the name of their pet, they are unlikely to be put off by the price of this scroll.  Therefore, the sales price need have no relevance to the cost price.  The sales price merely need not be off putting.  100 gold seems the right price.

However, just recently sales have picked up.  I am not sure why though i suspect some returning players during the holiday are changing the names of their pet.  In the last 24 hours i have sold 3 and in the last week i have sold 12.  All for 100 gold.

Worth crafting 5 and posting them in singles at a high price - seems like there is demand at the present.


  1. This is another market where I've found that Barking does help. Mainly because many players don't even know these exist. By barking, you will increase awareness of the item and help drive sales. You may also help drive competition to your market, so don't overbark. Just a message hear and there.

  2. I might restock on these... ever since I've retooled my glyph setup, I've been hard pressed to keep up with demand and create a stockpile. However a couple of days ago I pumped out 1220 glyphs in 48 hours and am looking for more ink sinks.

    I might even throw out a bark or two.

  3. In fact, now you mention it, I just picked up a couple of stacks of Celestial Ink at 2g50s/ea. Woo Hoo!

  4. Ive played a scribe before, and I couldnt even stand how slow income came in. I made a good 50k off it before i picked up JC/Alch/Ench. Ive made 2x the gold with this in the same amount of time.


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