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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Non-glyphs end markets for Scribes

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Much like the series on Advanced Strategies i am now going to start a series on non-glyphs end markets for Scribes.

Many scribes ignore these markets because they are greatly difference to glyphs.  They don’t all lend themselves to automation for example.  And they are mostly consumable items as opposed to glyphs which are capital items (only bought once and therefore sell at a higher price  - see one of my initial posts which refers to glyphs as a capital item).

And indeed several compete against other items such as potions and items dropped by mobs – hence the scribe is competing against other end markets.

It is for these reasons that many scribes skip these markets.

And, to be fair, my experience is that these are low income markets.  But they are steady income markets where competition is low.

And, as my readers know, i love steady income markets.

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  1. I'm looking forward to this! I do a few other markets with Inscription besides glyphs but I could use some advice and ideas from someone else.


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