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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

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I have a backup market which i turn to if Inscription becomes too competitive and i want to let it settle down and reset.  My backup market is enchanting.

Everyone should have a backup market – it opens up a whole new range of options that can be deployed as counter competitive actions.  The most obvious being that you can temporarily leave your main market if it all gets too much.

In fact, i often operate in the Enchanting market at the same time as the Inscription market.  I am not aggressive and i don’t seek to own it.  Merely i seek to make 1000 – 2000 gold per day from it whilst i operate in the Inscription market.

But right now one of the more aggressive competitors in the Inscription market has moved over to the Enchanting market.

By leaving the Inscription market the time i need to devote to cancelling and reposting my glyphs has gone down materially and my weekly income has risen.  Indeed, it has risen by more than i make in Enchanting and what’s more, i have more time on my hands to level alt characters.

Thus, i prefer this prior competitor of mine to stay in Enchanting and out of Inscription.

Hence, i am not competing in the Enchanting market.  I don’t want to take part is dissuading the new entrant from the Enchanting market.  In a sense, i am letting the other market participants have my 1000 – 2000 gold per day.  And given the competitive nature of this new entrant, i suspect much of it will go to him/her.

The competitive landscape has changed for the better and i don’t want to disturb this.

Let sleeping dogs lie.

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