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Friday, 3 February 2012

Start posting as soon as your competitors leave

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Start posting as soon as your competitors leave. . . . .

 . . . . . . it demoralises them!

Quite often i will be questing with an alt that has nothing to do with my Auction House alts and therefore i don’t believe any of my competitors know who it is.  I will note a competitor come online and cycle through their alts and then leave.

Clearly they are cancelling and reposting.

As soon as they leave i wait for 2 minutes to make sure they are not going to log back on and recycle, and then i log on my posting alts to immediately undercut them.  And then i leave.

This has two benefits.

Firstly, it reposts my glyphs to be the best price and so maximise my profits.

Secondly, when the competitor next comes on they will have low sales and see that they have been undercut.  Better still, if they come in within, for example, the next 10 minutes they will see that they have been undercut without ever seeing me online whilst they were posting.  They will therefore know that i am watching my market.  That will demoralise them.

I don’t wait and complete any part of a quest, or get more xp – i immediately log off and log on my alts.  Takes 10 minutes.  But it is time well spent.


  1. lol, what if they never leave? There's a guy on my server that cycles between the same three alts all night long. The only thing I can do is post once when I sit down at the computer after work and hope that someone's buying exactly when I post.

    1. I noticed the same thing on my realm, they have at least two alts that I have noticed. In addition there is someone who just sits in Dalaran all day at the weekends.
      All I can do is keep re-posting whenever I take a break from actually playing the game or crashing the market of course.

      PS they even undercut to very low prices, but at least their profits take a hit.

  2. If you're in it for the long haul and you've had all of glyphs for 6+ months it's impossible to not have made a huge profit if you know what you're doing. So even if you undercut them they won't mind because they know that they'll be around for a few more years. Also, they know that posters eventually get bored and stop. They don't. That's the kind of competitors I had on BDF.

    /Salute to a Priest, a Rogue, a Warlock and a Druid. Thanks for the great battles!

    OT: A good competitor will notice what you're doing within very few cycles. Especially if you're doing it in an exceptionally good way. I keep track of every name that I see on x amount of glyphs or that seems to undercut me x amount of times.

    I'm not currently selling glyphs, but whenever I feel like really going at it Glyphs is where's it's at. Auction House PvP at it's best, and worst depending on which mood you're in. The problem with me is when I can make gold but don't have a reason to play on a certain realm.

  3. I cannot speak to the glyph market although I would bet that it works pretty much as the Gem market does.
    Simply put, if you wish to make gold you must camp the AH. This is especially true for JC's during the times when characters are most apt to buy gems. Examples are evenings 6pm-12pm when toons prepare or get back from raids.
    On my server if you list all your gems and log off, you will be undercut by 1 or 2 competitors within 5 minutes and by 4 or 5 within 30 minutes.
    All the talk about strategies is interesting and fills a lot of blogs but is ultimately useless unless you camp and relist every time you are undercut. To make any significant gold you must do this for an hour or more, otherwise dont expect to make bank as a JC.
    Here's my best formula:
    1) have auctionator and log on at 6pm server
    2) have 8 cuts of every gem in your bag
    3) have several stacks of each uncut gem type
    4) list 2 of every gem and then immediately scan for undercuts
    5) cancel all undercut gems and relist 2 at the new lower price.
    6) as soon as you see a gem sells relist 2 more

    Rinse and repeat until you begin to run out of particular gems then collect the cancelled gems at the mailbox and repeat.

    If you are willing to do this for 1-2 hours you can expect to pull in +3K in sales for your time.
    If you are not willing to camp the AH then you will really not make any kind of killing unless you are flipping transmog gear

    1. That just isn't true at all. Gems have a high enough demand that you can post them once with a one copper undercut and they will go. I put mine for 48 hours just to be safe, but that really isn't necessary. I could see some of the non-red gems being slow to move sometimes, but definitely not inferno cuts.

      The real "work" for me in ore shuffling is the whole crafting process. The posting is pretty much set and forget.

  4. I agree and your plan is sound, but there's another strategy for the player that has time, gold and patience, Scugger.

    Post at the price you want, let others undercut and when the market dries up, low and behold, your items will still sell. It takes longer, but since you post for more you earn more. Keep your items longer than your comp that burns through everything super fast just to sell Today!

    This works wonders unless you have A LOT of AH campers. And it's a great time saver since the tendency is to post more and more often for less and less profit and thus wasting more and more real life time, making Auction House PvP turn into a job.

    So ultimately when they quit due to too much camping, there's more gold for the players that have played by their own rules. Then the next camper comes and the cycle repeats. Also, some players don't do much more than play a game and against such players i'd just applaud and do what i've planned. Having others dictate your moves is usually bad in any kind of battle.

    Also, undercutters is the main reason you need to have more than one market that you focus on. Diversification is key. Without it you might as well give up because once a market crashes all your income does too.

    I'm currently doing Mog sales as prio one and slowly working up my more basic ways of making gold on Draenor EU, which is a realm I started on in January. I don't sell much at all, but once an item sells above 1k I always have a smile because i'm not doing the old routine of JC/Enchanting which is piss easy for making gold once your high enough level. But hell, am I sick of it.

    Gold making can be hella fun and it can be a real chore too. Enjoy it whichever path you choose!


    Ps. If anyone out there is struggling with making gold or just wants to switch things up a bit, join the Power Word Guild on US (Lightbringer Ally) or on EU (Draenor Horde).

    1. That's why I post my glyphs at fallback price if the competition is below my threshold. 48 hours. That way if their glyphs expire or get sold, mine are still up at the "new" high price.


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