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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Selling more of Certificate of Ownership

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I am selling more of these recently.

Perhaps hunters are coming back before Mists of Pandaria to level up and at the same time choosing to change their pets name?

The Certificate of Ownership can only be crafted by a Scribe.  It is the only thing that a Hunter can use to change their pet's name - it does not drop from a mob nor can it be bought from a vendor.  Scribes therefore are the sole supplier.
Furthermore, few Scribes bother to post these - making the supply very low.

If a Hunter wants to change the name of their pet, they are unlikely to be put off by the price of this scroll.  Therefore, the sales price need have no relevance to the cost price.  The sales price merely need not be off putting.

To craft it costs 2 celestial inks plus 1 common parchment.  On my server that is c10 gold per certificate.  The 48 hour deposit fee at the Auction House is 15 silver.

I sell them for a maximum of 100 gold and a minimum of 20 gold.  So my profits per certificate sold is 10 to 90 gold.  I post 5 at a time in singles.


  1. This is a very hit and miss market I find though.

    My certs can sit for 48 hour blocks end on end without movement because it comes down to supply and demand and on my server, there's a lot of scribes and the glyph market is always cut throat. That means scribes are pushing in all directions for a market and certs are just part of that process.

    Undercutting is as common (and regular) as it is with glyphs so whilst it's a nice niche in a low competition environment (as with all things) you have to check up on how your individual markets are travelling and see if it's even worth your time.

    Most often (in terms of GPH), it's not even worth the effort.

    If I posted at 100g buyout on my server, I'd never ever sell a single one...

    1. yes, i suspect on my server i am lucky because whilst Certs are very much similar to glyphs my competitors dont seem to have them in their routine.

      Also, at present there has been a pick up in demand for some reason

  2. Thanks for the reminder, I had sold out and it's a great time to restock now that I am developing a stockpile of inks for the expansion.

    @John I agree that it's a very hit and miss market, but that doesn't affect my gold per hour at all. Everything I sell is automated in TSM, and I have one posting character (seperate from my two glyph posters) that handles everything from belt buckles to leg patches to epic armor and epic gems. The only time it takes to sell these is an extra couple of mouse presses each posting run when they are profitable. The only issue is (as per above) sometimes when I sell out of something I just forget to craft it again.

    I have a bark macro that I hit every couple of days when I notice I've posted them - "/1 Hunters, want to rename your pet? [Certificate of Ownership] in the AH now." (the actual linked item is posted).

    The number of times someone has thanked me because they didn't know they could rename their pet, or know about this item has just been fantastic.

  3. good point on barking - there must be plenty of hunters out there who dont know that their pet can be renamed.

    and also, good point on TSM - for just a few seconds setting up the pricing and posting parameters certs can be effortless added into your posting routine.

  4. Agreed on the barking macro. A well timed bark will get sales time and time again in my experience and you'd be surprised what people will buy (that they never knew existed) until you give it a quick bark.

    I actually sell a good number of Origami Beetles (of all things!) because players are bored and don't mind dropping a few gold on a giggle now and again.


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