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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Keeping my minimum glyph selling price at 40gold.

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Having come back after 5 months i have noticed that the supply of herbs has gone down and indeed the price of the staple inscription herb “whiptail” has moved up from 1gold to 2gold per herb over these 5 months.

And, as the chart below from The Undermine Journal shows, Whiptail is not in great supply either.  And shows no sign of falling in price.

Hence using the assumption that it takes 10 to 12 whiptail to make a glyph (see my Reference Page) then the manufacturing cost of each glyph for me is 20 – 22 gold.  Therefore i am leaving my 40gold minimum selling price in place.  Gives me a minimum profit of 18 – 20gold per glyph sale which is a reasonable profit per unit of time spent crafting and posting.

There are 3 other players in my market at present and two of them operate below my 40gold price level.

I suspect my re-entry into the market has not disturbed it sufficiently for these participants to take counter action and therefore it appears they are happy to accept lower profits.  In fact, i suspect a weaker participant will drop out and focus on their other markets leaving 3 of us to participate.


  1. On my server, we have had a number of players farming whiptail like there's no tomorrow (I hesitate to call them bots, as it really picked up after Diablo 3 was released, which seems to me more like WoW-only bored players, Just tonight, I saw whiptail for as little as 15g per stack.

    I'm not sure I understand your breakdown. I get about 12 pigments from one stack, which equals 6 inks. That equals 2 glyphs, so my absolute floor for a glyph is half the cost of a stack of herbs. At 15g per stack, my lower threshold is 7.5 gold I don't actually sell ANY glyph for less than about 50g, and those are the common ones. I just like to see how high I can keep my profit margin.

  2. i think we agree on the cost per glyph. for me it takes 10 to 12 whiptail to make a glyph (= half a stack like yourself). but for me the cost of stack of whiptail is 40g (2g per whiptail) so the cost of a glyph is 20g vs your 7.5g. i.e. the cost of a whiptail to you is 0.75g (15g a stack) and so to you the cost of a glyph is 7.5g.

    i agree with you - it is better to keep the profits high rather than chase the prices down.


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