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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Farming Whiptail & the GatherMate2 Addon

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With herbs in short supply and assuming i have a spare hour here and there then now may be the time to start gathering for myself.  In fact, i find it a useful way to spend time whilst listening to gold making podcasts.

My favourite farming spot is in Uldum.

It helps that my herbalist is a mage and so i can set my Hearthstone to Rumkahen in Uldum and then teleport to any of the main cities i need to.

As the graphic below shows, there are plenty of whiptail spawn spots nearby and using my mage i can gather 20 stacks of Whiptail per hour.  This is enough to make 40 glyphs (and c30 Inferno Inks).  The mobs are single Riverbed Crocolisks with c54k hp – and they guard about 30% of the spawn points, if that.

In all pleasurable way to pass an hour leaving enough mental ability to concentrate on the podcast going on in the background.  I sometimes find competition – but not much these days (hence the low supply of whiptail on the Auction House).

And my favourite addon is GatherMate2.  (i used to use Gatherer but GathererMate2 is lighter and updated).

As the graphic above shows it does two things.  Firstly, every time you gather a herb it marks its position on the main map.  Secondly, on the radar map it makes the spot where a herb will spawn with the green circle.  You need to gather the herb to allow the addon to record the details.

Just makes farming for herbs an ease and joy.


  1. I also use the addon Routes to create efficient routes along nodes, and Breadcrumbs to leave a trail on the minimap so I can see where I've been and don't accidentally double back (which can be a problem on the more convoluted routes).

  2. I use Gatherer and love the addon. Also, you are missing out on a lot of nodes in the southern delta. You could probably add another 10 stacks or so per hour depending on farming pressure.

  3. @Berna interesting - i had not tried these before. i will give them a shot, especially nodes which appears quite popular.

    @Martin - thank you for that, i will try tthat area out. I tried before but that was a long time ago.


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