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Monday, 18 June 2012

Preparing for Mists of Pandaria

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Its a while off but something to keep in our minds.

I rarely go into new expansions or major content updates “all in”.  I take the view that if the market starts to run short of crafted items (glyphs for us Scribes) or raw materials (herbs for us) then those who did go “all in” will make gold in the short term but pretty quickly prices will adjust upwards as their supplies run out.

It is worth remembering that many market participants will have left the market (or WoW) during the pre-new content slow down anyway so any major increase in demand will benefit all the remaining market participants.  And then add in an increase in new entrants levelling the profession keeping the cost or raw materials up and so the cost of the crafted items up and hence profits up.

Having said that, i do make some increased investment.  As a rule of thumb i at least double my inventories of inks and as we get closer to the expansion or new content i increase my holdings of the key glyphs.

So, there are some things i am doing now – but at a slow rate over time so as not to disturb the market.

Stocking up on inks:  Currently i hold 2 weeks worth of inks.  I will be increasing this.  Not thought yet to what but in the medium term i am buying cheap herbs i see on the Auction House with the view to increasing it to 4 weeks.  The holiday players are here so occasionally i am picking up herbs at cheaper than normal.

Stock up on all the inks:  I suspect there will be a new converting ink (i hear called Ink of Dreams that can be converted into any of the other common inks, much like Ink of the Sea was pre-cataclysm and Blackfallow ink is today).  Hence, i will need to make sure i have each individual ink in plentiful supply.  Non cataclysm herbs are in short supply at the best of times on my server, especially the Northrend herbs.  So making sure i have plenty of all inks is important.  To do this i am still primarily crafting Blackfallow ink to convert into those inks.

Making sure my Scribe and Herbalist are ready to level:  My Scribe (which is also my herbalist) is level 85.  His gear is not heroic level.  I may run some heroic dungeons just to get his gear up to standard.  But mostly i am done here.

Also: I suspect i will increase my fall back price from 400gold to 600gold.  No harm in doing this.  If demand takes off and the Scribes are unable to meet demand then this is a good opportunity to take more profit in the short term and reset the fall back prices in the medium term.


  1. Something else to consider doing for your Herber which is most important to level first is to do 25 daily quests on them and leave them as completed. Then the start of the next expansion turn all 25 of them in for a little experience boost.

  2. Very good idea!

    I wonder if the xp will be as good for gathering herbs as it was in cataclysm. Nthe farming spot at Uldum took me the last stage to level 85 - was better than a dungeon for xp on gathering herbs.


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