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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Herbs running low

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On my server herbs are now running in short supply and the prices have moved up to 2gold a whiptail (40gold a stack) if i am lucky.  And that includes the weekend.

Two things happening here.

Firstly, demand for glyphs (and potions) has been low in the pre new content slowness hence herb farmers are absent from the market.  Thus supply of herbs is severely restricted.

Secondly, people, including myself, are slowly starting to stock up for Mist of Pandaria.  Hence, a new demand for herbs that is unrelated to the current demand for glyphs (and potions).  Indeed, i am picking up herbs of almost any type that go for 1.5gold (30 gold a stack).  Worth noting that on my server the herbs for Shimmering Ink and Jadefire Ink i can get for 1gold (20 gold a stack) quite easily.

Perhaps during the holidays i will get the chance to buy herbs cheaper.  But at the moment i am slowly building up my stocks for the new content.

I can already see the effect of holiday players when i see Northrend herbs (Ancient Lichen , Dreaming Glory, Felweed , Mana Thistle , Netherbloom , Nightmare Vine , Ragveil  and Terocone) put on the Auction House for 1gold (20 gold a stack).

The good news is that this is forcing the price of glyphs up.  Though mainly because a competitor is running short of herbs to mill.  The demand for glyphs remains unchanged and lowish.


  1. I'm finding almost the opposite. On Dath'remar, I've had a couple of spending sprees on whiptail under 1g (my usual "good" price is 1.5g). So I've been stocking up on a whole ton of inks while watching lots of West Wing.

    My glyph stocks are plentiful with least 14 of each (very) profitable glyph. I'll need to start thinking about when to trade down glyphs for MoP production. I wonder if blackfallow ink will actually be useful for anything? My guess is that a bunch of glyphs will be moved up to the cata tier, but that's just a guess.

    I also have a lot of decks still to sell, and now have a glut of inferno ink that I'm not too sure what to do with either.

    I'm not too sure on demand, as my sales have reflected my posting scehdule... although this month I have been more consistent so it will be interesting to see how it ends up.

  2. i restock all glyphs to 10 (down from 20), cata herbs are around 45-50g/stack, i've still got some icethorn from wotlk :P so i'm in the process of milling all that and just keeping everything in inks.

    Aiming for around 12 Gtabs of ink heading into mop got 3 tabs so far

  3. Ha-Ha! I just returned to my Horde server and started gathering (Herbs and Ore) and am making a nice chunk of gold gathering Cata herbs. Certain non-Cata herbs also fetch a nice price.
    Maybe all the farming types are playing D3? Good news for those of us who are not.

  4. It will be interesting to see if over the coming 2 weekends any holiday farmers come back and start posting cheap herbs.

    For MoP I intend to stack perhaps 3 weeks supply of inks and a normal weeks supply of glyphs. Will watch to see what happens wi blackfallow inks - otherwise I will end up holding very few of them.


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