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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Getting re-started: Scanning for Cheap Recipes

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Don’t forget this old chestnut to pick up recipes you need that have been dumped on the Auction House at a low price.

Whenever you are in the Auction House and are on a character that has levelled a profession to 525, or indeed before, it is worth taking 20 seconds to see if there are any recipes posted at low prices.

This is easily done. Open the Auction House window:

· tick “Usable Items” on the top bar of the window

· click Recipes and then select the profession you are searching

· the press Search

A list of recipes that you don’t own will appear. (if a very long list appears then it is likely you have not ticked “Usable Items”

I always buy recipes that are priced under 100 gold.

the example below shows that my the Auction House has 5 recipes that my enchanter does not have though none are below my 100 gold price.


  1. A lot of restraint is required for this sort of thing I find. If you're even partly OCD (and I'm a lot more than partly!) you'll find that your 100g cap soon becomes 200g which soon becomes 500g and eventually you'll have no cap and buy up purple recipies from current tier content you're likely to never craft for the sake of completeness.

    Don't get carried away with this sort of thing and be sure to work within your limits.

  2. 100% agree with that comment. Time is on your side in this exercise.


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