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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Getting re-started: Resetting Auction House Data

for other ideas on the glyph market please follow the link to the free Croda's Inscription Gold Guide

Another observation of taking time off is that i need to reset up Auction House data to make sure i am using the most up to date prices that reflect the different market conditions to that which i was experiencing 5 months ago.  I should do this once a quarter anyway to get rid of stale data.

For Auctioneer the command is: /auc cleardata ALL

For TradeSkillMaster the command is: /tsm adbreset

And of course remember to do a complete scan the Auction House daily. Every gold maker should. Takes 10 to 15 minutes and you can be doing some housework at the same time!


  1. I've personally bowed out of the glyph market myself in recent times as my server has some bots set up and after reporting it endlessly to Blue, nothing has been done to stop them.

    I could post up 2 of every glyph in my arsenal only to see them undercut within 2 minutes, any time of the day. I've tried early morning, afternoon, late at night... all the same.

    There probably are decent profits in this market, but between the bots and the fact you have to babysit your market constantly just makes it completely unworthwhile for me.

    Depends completely on your server I guess... good luck to those who can actually work this market!

  2. Yes, the slow markets pre new content does lend itself to intense competition. I also operate in the Enchanting market and flipping market to give me additional income streams.

    As a plus, herbs are in short supply and the bot like competitors on my server are falling away given they have been selling glyphs at a small loss and are unable to purchase herbs to continue.


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