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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Preparation for Mists of Pandaria – the night before

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I am as about as ready as i can be:

1.  All addons are updated and i will be doing another update run tomorrow during server downtime.

2.  All key addons have a back up addon – Auctioneer for TradeskillMaster; two mailing addons.

3.  Almost all Blackfallow inks are converted.  Those that remain are for use in specific crafting items.

4.  One of my alts is ready to receive the Monk glyphs that i craft - i.e. have enough bag space.

5.  All alts and mains are in a main city with a Trainer within reach

Meanwhile i have been picking up cheap Cataclysm herbs that people are dumping – of course milling and converting them immediately.

I have also been picking up cheap enchanting, tailoring, alchemist and jewelcrafting recipes that i don’t have which people are also dumping.

What will i be doing straight off the launch?  To be honest, i may be gathering herbs rather than wading into the glyph market (my Scribe is also herbalist).  I will see how it goes.

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