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Friday, 17 August 2012

Friday Shout Out - Call to Auction podcast

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One of the Podcasts i listen to is Call to Auction – hosted by Euripides and Stede.

I enjoy and find all the gold making podcasts listed below informative, and in my mind must all be listened to.

In these other podcasts there will quite often be the comment along the lines of " . . . the theory for this process is out there but this is what we do . . . . ".

In Call to Auction, Euripides and Stede actually cover that theory in a manner which i can understand as well as bring out their gold making ideas.  For an indepth discussion on topics this is the leader of them all.

Of course, they also mentioned this blog in their last podcast at 43:55 in where i was seeking their views on the uplift of demand for glyphs come Mists of Pandaria.  In part, the background to this was that Euripides made perfect predictions in the pre-Catacysm patch and release.

As ever, there was a full discussion on their expectations for glyphs when Mists of Pandaria comes along for 20 minutes.  i will let you listen to it to gather their views.

Below are all the podcasts i listen to as well as the non-gold making podcasts related to World of Warcraft that i also listen to.

As ever, it is not only the ideas the hosts discuss but the thinking behind the ideas that is of benefit to us all. And they make for good listening. Indeed, i tend to need to be doing something mundane like gathering whiptail or milling / crafting if i am listening to them.

They are in alphabetical order split between the pure gold making podcasts and the podcasts what are about the World of Warcraft in general. For a complete list of Gold making Blogs and Podcasts see The PowerwordGold Blog Directory.

Pure gold making

Auction House Junkies - Hosted by Cold from Cold's Gold Factory, Wes from Capped by Cata and Mike

Call to Auction – hosted by Euripides and Stede

Powerword:Gold - Hosted by Fluxdada from Powerword:gold and a guest host.

The Mana Cooler - Hosted by George
Addicited to Azeroth – inactive as of October 2011

Mixture of gold making but mostly other World of Warcast

The Instance - Hosted by hosted by Scot Johnson, Dills and Turpster from Frogpants Studios, AIE Podcast and The Incredible Podcast of Amazing Awesomenessrespectively

Holy Shatt Podcast - Hosted by Jay and Mike from Stopcast.

Warcraft Lounge - Hosted by Chris and Ryan, going since November 2010, range of topics and debate.

For any other established gold bloggers out there who would like to give a “warts and all” review of my Inscription Gold Guide please contact me and i will send you your free copy for such a purpose.


  1. We've had three hosts for about 20 episodes now.

    No love for Mike?

  2. I loved AH Junkies, but they're so erratic in their release cycle it's hard to get into. The Instance is a brilliant, long running podcast that I tune into weekly which is both entertaining, informative and regular as clockwork on their release schedule.

    I'm always in the market for good podcasts so I'll have to check out 'call to auction' too. Thanks for the link!


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