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Friday, 24 August 2012

Final countdown to Mists of Pandaria

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So here we are, under a week to go.  This is my final check list:

1.    Almost all Blackfallow inks are converted to Ink of the Sea and Ethereal Inks.  I will keep a back of 100 for the off hands in case they sell.

2.    I have backup addons ready.  Auctioneer and Auctionator in case TradeskillMaster breaks.  And Postal and xxx incase the TradeskillMaster postal breaks.  And i have spent an hour familiarising myself with them.  Call it insurance.

3.    I have 8 of every glyph prepared and 4 weeks of ink ready.

From here i am just making sure my alts are ready to level – nothing more i can do for gold making.

I am a big believer that if demand is better than i expect then the end prices of glyphs will rise to maintain the profitability on what will be higher priced herbs.

Out of the ordinary things I will be doing on patch day:

I will reset my Auction House data – prices will be moving fast and I will want to set my prices with reference to the most recent data.  I do this once a quarter anyway to get rid of stale data.

For Auctioneer the command is: /auc cleardata ALL
For TradeSkillMaster the command is: /tsm adbreset

And of course I will be doing a complete scan of the Auction House daily. Every gold maker should.

Loading "out of date" addons: A new patch will mean that some addons are considered "out of date".  Hence, I will need to check that “load out of date addons” box again.

1. on the opening screen that lists your characters at the bottom left there is a button "AddOns" - click it

2. the AddOn List window will open - at the top of this window is a checkbox labels "Load out of date AddOns" - click it

3. Press "Okay" at the bottom of the window to accept and close.



  1. Wondering why you stock 8 specifically of every glyph?

  2. I would assume that he does not want to load up on any glyphs that are not going to be useful. That's why he also stated he had converted the ink. I personally have converted my inks and get the cheapest herbs from Classic and BC off the AH that I can for that 1 month we cannot convert.

  3. i used to stock to 20 of each glyph but the demand on my server fell over time such that 8 of each glyph and more of the higher demand glyphs can see me out a week.

    With the new patch i know the the demand will increase - but i will meet this extra demand by crafting.

  4. isnt it easier to just keep ink ? personally i have a guild bank with atleast 1500 of each ink

  5. technically holding glyphs instead of inks would reduce your storage space requirements - but at a higher risk of overstocking on some glyphs.


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