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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Surplus Inferno Inks – what to do with them

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Now that times are slower ahead of the new content i am finding that my inventory of Inferno Ink is building up fast – they are proc’d from my milling of Cataclysm Inks.

Much like Snowfall ink i will doubtless get through them slowly at a profit in Mists of Pandaria – but despite that my inventory is still too high for my liking.

There are 3 things i do to turn them into gold: sell them; sell the crafted items; and disenchant them.

Firstly, i can try and sell them as Inferno inks.

On my realm Inferno Inks are selling on the Auction House for about 13gold to 28gold.  Sales are slow.

Secondly, i can use them as crafting materials.

Inferno Ink is used in the crafting of 17 items – all only from Scribes, and most of which are offhands or relics.  These are selling slowly but surely and at very high profit margins.  However, despite this my inventory of inferno inks continues to build.

The third route is a derivation of the shuffle – i am watching this carefully.

One of the items i can craft is an Etched Horn.  It requires 4 Inferno Inks and and 1 Scavenged Dragon Horn.  The Scavenged Dragon Horn can be bought from Cassandra Downs in the Twilight Highlands (for the Alliance) [the Horde vendor is Una Kobuna] in the Twilight Downs for just over 17gold.  Hence, the cost of crafting an Etched Horn is 69gold to 129gold.

They disenchant into 1 to 4 small heavenly shards – on my realm they are selling for 30gold, though the heavenly shards sell for 72gold suggesting that the true price of a small heavenly shard is 24gold (3 small heavenly shards for 1 heavenly shard)

Assuming an average of 2.5 small heavenly shards per disenchant then the disenchanting process is worth 60gold.

The Etched Horn gives the best disenchanting value per input of Inferno Ink.

I suspect in the coming weeks the price of Inferno Inks will fall sharply as Scribes dump their inventory on the Auction House whilst the price of Heavenly Shards will most likely hold.  Therefore, once the price if Inferno Inks falls below 11gold i will switch from selling my Infernos Inks to crafting Etched Horns and disenchanting them with my enchanter.

I suspect i wont sell the shards but use them in my Enchanting market – which is my number two gold earner.

Furthermore, if i determine that the price of Heavenly Shards will hold its value in Mists of Pandaria then i may even become a buyer of Inferno Inks at the low values.


  1. I use mine as materials in crafting the max size Inscription Bags but the recipe is locked behind the Firelands month long quest grind.

    And you can also try barking in trade chat that you are trading your inferno inks for other inks and trade cheaper than the Npc ink traders.

  2. The average number of Small Heavenly Shards produced from disenchanting Etched Horns is not 2.5. For an enchanter not in a guild with the Bountiful Bags perk the average number is exactly 1. For an enchanter in a guild with the Bountiful Bags perk it is approximately 1.17. The wowhead data is not an even distribution from 1-4 and is skewed by the occasional proc from Bountiful Bags.


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