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Friday, 6 July 2012

The Holiday Battlers are back!

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The Holiday Battlers are back on my server, and they are in a hurry.

These are the intrepid players that come back to World of Warcraft during the (school) holidays.  Their aim is to level up and gear up - and to that end they need the gold.  And their time is limited - they need to do this fast.  No doubt they can see Mists of Pandaria on the horizon and want to be prepared for that as well.

They run and dungeons, do the raids and hit the quests.  From all that exhausting efforts they have items to sell.

They know about the Auction House but they don't know the true value of what they post - especially rare drops where pricing data is limited.  They want to make a quick sell.

To that end, i am scanning the Auction House for good deals more often using the Undermine Journal quick deals page and my Snatch Lists.

I plan to write a post in my Flipping Business in the near future which is expanding fast - no doubt helped by these Holiday Battlers during this time.

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