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Friday, 20 July 2012

Friday Shout Out – Hunter Mastery

for other ideas on the glyph market and other general tips see the free Croda's Inscription Gold Guide

Hunter Mastery: admitedly this is not the catchiest title for a blog that deals in gold making – but it does, and rather well.  Also covers matters pertaining to being a good hunter, hence the name.

As well as the many posts to date it has a couple of podcasts up already – split into two parts – Hunters and Gold Making.  And focushot has featured Jim Younkin's Livestreams recently and his own youtube channel

A Review of Croda's Inscription Gold Guide

In a recent post the author of Hunter Mastery, Focushot, has written a review on my gold guide (the paid version costing a mere $5).

A fair review i think, covers the ground well and comes up with his opinion on the guide.  Well worth a read for yourself for a honest third party view.

For any other established gold bloggers out there who would like to give a “warts and all” review of my Inscription Gold Guide please contact me and i will send you your free copy for such a purpose.

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