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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Scribe scrolls – i am selling more of these

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Just recently i have started selling a lot more of the Scribe scrolls – notably Scroll of Agility IX and Scroll of Intellect IX.

Unlike many other items a scribe can produce, these scrolls can be substituted by other items – either a spell or a flask, for example.

These scrolls give the users an increase in the relevant ability by 100 for 30 minutes and counts as a battle elixir or gives some other stat increase and counts as a guardian elixir.

Hence, an increase in sales of these Scribe’s scrolls would indicate that there is demand and that the substitutes are not available or only available at a higher price.

I suspect during these slow times ahead of the Mists of Pandaria there are players levelling their toons at a time when the flask equivalents are not available.

These Scrolls of level IX all cost 1 blackfallow ink and 2 resilient parchment to craft 5 at a time.  Given herbs are now selling for 2 gold each (40 gold a stack) that equates to each five scrolls costing c7 gold (each stack of herbs produces c6 inks) and therefore each scroll costing 1.4 gold.

I sell them with a threshold of 10 gold each and a maximum price of 15 gold each making a hefty profit.

I set the threshold price at 10 gold so that if someone else starts posting lower i don’t start a price war and take the price all the way down to 1 gold – which is perfectly possible given these scrolls have competition from other items such as flasks.

I post 10 single scrolls at a time and they all sell at once.

At the moment i am the only seller and therefore i am selling each scroll for 15 gold.

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